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Open joint-stock company «Awards of the Labour Red Banner Trust" Spetsgidroenergomontazh "– a leading firm of the Russian Federation on installation, adjustment, major repairs and reconstruction of the basic hydropower and hydromechanical equipment and металлоконструкций hydroelectric power stations, pump stations and navigable sluices. On June, 30th, 1942 the Specialized office № 2 has been created at trust " Svirstroy ". It became the beginning of creation of specialised trust on installation of the hydropower equipment of"Spetsgidroenergomontazh"completed from talented experts, representatives of factories of Leningrad.

9The initiator of creating the trust and its first manager was Mikhail Alexandrovich Barkovskiy. He executed his duty till 1968. (The information regarding need of creating a specialized assembly plant with suitable staff and material supply was mentioned in note addressed to deputy National Commissioner of powerstations the USSR academic B.E. Vedeneev by engineer M.A. Barkovskiy on the 20th of 1942). In 1947 the enterprise was reorganized at all-USSR trust “Specgidrostroyenergomontazh” (SGEM) by decision of Council of Ministers of the USSR. Konstantin Petrovich Polushkin was a lieder since 1968 till 1976 and Grigoriy Petrovich Lokhmatikov. Nowadays the general manager is Valeriy Rostislavovich Migurenko.

“Specgidrostroyenergomontazh ” OAO includes 25 subsidiaries in Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and two joined brunces in Finland and Poland.

One of branches of Open Society of the Award of a labour red banner trust Spetsgidroenergomontazh is Yug Spetsgidroenergomontazh.On northern Kavkaz which general director Bijarslanov Gadzhi Badrutdinovich is.




Date of the basis of Spetsgidroenergomontazha in Republics Dagestans in 1961.
  • Firm fields of activity
  • Installation works at hydraulic and pump stations
  • Industrial building
  • Reconstruction and equipment repair
  • Manufacturing metal of designs
It has a great experience as Subcontractor.
  • Since 1964 in the country
  • Since 1971 abroad


The address: Kiziljurt
pr.Imama Shamil 3

Phone: 8(87234) 21256
Fax: 522 90

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